We work with leading pipeline operators on implementation and optimization of existing pipeline integrity management programs by providing high quality data with practical tools, thorough knowledge of regulatory compliance issues, and a deep understanding of integrity engineering.

Our team has an average of more than 25 years of experience - from the field to the C-Suite. Leveraging this depth of knowledge, we are involved in the development of emerging technologies to help solve the business challenges our clients face.

This unique perspective and background positions teams for success on every project.

You can find details on some of our projects here.

 We are a Certified LGBTBE® Diverse Supplier.


We direct projects in a program & project management capacity, lead process development teams, and provide subject matter expertise. Some recent examples:

  • Integrity Management Program Development – Technical Program Management and Subject Matter Expertise focusing on:
    • Material Verification / MAOP-R Verification
    • Mega Rule Compliance - including TVC records analysis
    • Fitness for Service
  • IMP Written Program Development and Desktop GIS Risk Analysis focusing on:
    • Landslide Potential
    • Areas of Subsidence due to soil movement, flooding, etc.
    • River Scour
  • Class Location Program – Technical Leadership and Subject Matter Expertise on Annual Class Location Extents / MAOP verification
  • Third Party Integrity Management Program Review – Technical Program Management and Subject Matter Expertise

Contact us for additional details on our project portfolio or to request a capabilities statement. You can find our Areas of Focus here.


Areas of Focus

We provide Subject Matter Expertise in the following areas:

  • Pipeline engineering project management
  • Strategic, goal-focused program management
  • Fitness for purpose / fitness for service determination
  • Mega Rule compliance including TVC records and MOP / MAOP Data Validation for both pipeline and facility
  • GIS database development and management – desktop to full enterprise-wide system development
  • 49 CFR §192 and §195 HCA / MCA Analysis including overland flow, plume and overpressure analysis, as applicable
  • Seismic, flooding and other geotechnical hazard assessment
  • Integrity Management Plan development, enhancement, and audit prep
  • Spatial and desktop risk assessment for pipeline and facilities
  • Assessment plan scheduling based on business strategy and regulatory compliance planning
  • Integrity assessment method selection / scheduling for pipeline and facilities
  • Valve placement and EFRD analysis - for both hazardous liquids and gas pipelines
  • Field book, strip map, and alignment sheet development and printing

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